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We are a media agency operating in Nairobi. We connect clients and brand services in a manner that supports your growth to make sure that you are always moving in the right track. Our services have enabled many companies to make huge differences in the annual turnover.



The business environment is extremely dynamic. What worked yesterday might not work today, and tomorrow a new innovation might kick you out of the race. Being on the right track is not enough; you need to keep moving, and in the right direction too.To achieve this, you need a partner who understands your environment. With our vast knowledge of the market, we bring onboard innovative solutions that a step ahead, and propel you in the right direction for your success.



We take the time to learn your business, understand your clients, and know your competitors. We then identify the best strategy to reach your audience and develop tailored, integrated solutions that fit your brand, objectives and resources. Advanced methodology and insight into your industry is the basis on which we distinguish our services. Our victory follows yours, so we do our best to ensure you win.


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Their testimonial videos aren’t production quality, but they get the message across, cover useful & relevant information which goes to show you don’t need to invest thousands in production get some testimonial videos up with quality.

Dedan Muthiani
Dedan Muthiani
Team Leader - WebXell Digital Solutions

I never leave the house without my business cards. They accompany me to meetings, interviews and all social events. I am very happy with Ontrack Media

Nicholas Konunda
Nicholas Konunda